Monday, July 29, 2013

*Pre-Sold Out* Octoyberfest 2013 Exclusive "Fright Zone He-Man" Sneak Peek

*Updated Oct. 5, 2013

*Pre-Sold Out* Please note that at this time, the allotted number of "Fright Zone He-Man" figures created specifically for the show have all been pre-sold and accounted for. However, Mast-Er- Custom has let us know that he is currently working on a few additional figures, which can be pre-ordered directly from him at the show between 11 am-2pm.

*Updated Sept. 19, 2013*

We are pleased to give you the first glimpses of our exclusive limited edition custom figure, available only at the upcoming Octoyberfest show: Fright Zone He-Man (sculpted and painted by Mast-Er-Custom and conceived in partnership with the Octoyberfest team).

This highly detailed figure is fully articulated, fitting in perfectly with the rest of your Masters of the Universe Classics collection. It will feature interchangeable heads (the Slime Pit skull which is also compatible with Demo-Man!), a branch back-plate, Fright Zone Power Sword, battle axe, shield and armour and presented in a custom MOTUC package. There will be a very limited quantity available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Price for this instant collectible will be $130 at the show. We will be taking limited pre-orders of the figure for those attending the show (conditions apply, we will make an announcement if the figure is pre-sold out). Please email to reserve your figure today!

Actual packaging may vary slightly


Included accessories

Front View

Back View

Remove armour to reveal branding by the Evil Horde!

Alternate Slime Pit head!

Alternate Slime Pit head also compatible with Demo-Man!

Character bio on back of card