Thursday, August 29, 2013

Intoystellar 2015 Custom Figure Showdown by Happy Worker

Back by popular demand, Toronto Toy Fair and Happy Worker (Toronto-based toy maker) are pleased to announce our next Custom Figure Showdown, taking place at Intoystellar 2015 (Sunday October 25, 2015 at Thornhill Community Centre, 7755 Bayview Avenue, 12 - 5 pm).

Show off your toy-crafting, creativity and customization skills in a fun-for-all competition, now with categories for both adults and kids!

Print out the information sheet below (optional)

Figure award categories:

Adult Categories 
(Participants 15 and up)

Best Variant Figure
Using an existing figure of your choice, create a never-before-seen variant! The final product must still be recognizable as the chosen
character (don't transform into a completely
different character!). Judging criteria will be based on originality of design ("before photos" must be provided) and execution (paint and sculpt).  Bonus marks for playability and toy awesomeness!

Best Original Figure
Create a figure based on a character that has never previously been available as a toy! This can be an existing character or one that you have created yourself. Judging criteria will be based on creativity and/or accuracy (if original concept, please provide examples of
reference and thought process; if based on an   existing unproduced character, provide
reference images of character) and execution (paint and sculpt).  Bonus marks for playability and toy awesomeness!

Kids Categories 

Best Figure (Ages 11-14)
The sky is the limit! Create a figure based on your favourite character (from comics, films, tv or video games), a totally new variant, or one from your own imagination!
Judging criteria will be based on creativity and execution (paint and sculpt).  Bonus marks for playability and toy awesomeness!

Best Figure Design (Ages 7 - 10)
Create your very own character as a full colour drawing and write a backstory (no more than one page) for a chance to win a figure of that character built/sculpted and painted by one of our very own professional customizers!

Adult contenders in each category will be  competing for a medal of honour and a $50 gift card from Deserres.

Winners from the kids categories (one per age group/ category) will receive a medal of honour and a $25 gift card from Deserres.

Visit our Custom Corner page for advice on materials, tools, techniques, local supplier info

To enter, bring your contest submission to the Intoystellar event at any time from the start of the show (early bird admission $10 at 11 am, general admission $5 at 12 pm) until official judging takes place at 4:15 pm. All participants must have paid admission (or for kids aged 7-10, be accompanied by an adult with paid admission) to be eligible for prize consideration.

Contest Rules:

1. Contest open to entries of all figure formats and sizes (including Pop! Vinyl Customs) and each participant may submit as many entries per applicable category as desired.

2. Any entries depicting nudity, sexual content, foul language, representations of drug and/or alchohol use, or discrimination of any kind (i.e. race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) are prohibited and will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

3. Both articulated (poseable) and posed (statue) entries welcome. Unless specified in the contest category description, figures can be either built from scratch or by combining/ modifying existing figures. For those new to customizing, visit our Custom Corner page for advice on materials, tools, techniques and local supplier info

4. Custom figure area will be supervised during the duration of the event, however, Toronto Toy Fair assumes no responsibility for accidental breakage or loss during this time.

5. Contact info must be provided at time of submission. Participants do not have to be present during judging, however, figures and prizes not collected at the end of the show must be picked up from a Richmond Hill location at a time to be arranged with show management. In the event that the participant is unreachable by the contact info provided within one week following the event, entries will be destroyed and prizes (if applicable) will be awarded to the next runner up.

6. By entering the contest, you agree that any photos of your entry may be used in conjunction with promotional efforts carried out by Toronto Toy Fair or its associates.

7. While team entries are permitted (provided that each member is within the specified age bracket of the category in question), only one prize will be awarded per category/ entry.

8. With respect to intellectual property/ artistic integrity and the creativity criteria of the competition, any work found to be copied directly from an custom figure by a different artist will be disqualified.

9. Sale of contest entry or entries is prohibited at Intoystellar, with the exception of those who have rented exhibition space (Secure online applications and mail-in form requests can be found here.)

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.